Photo of Andrew Sproule

I am a Kent based photographer whose images have appeared in a number of publications. I have had a fascination for the natural world for as long as he can remember and observing and seriously photographing wildlife and nature has been his passion since 2008. 

Conveying and promoting an understanding about how I view the world and the beauty of nature that surrounds us, both locally and far afield, is top of my agenda.

Why wildlife and nature photography?
From an early age I have been fascinated with all things ‘natural world’. I am also somewhat of a creative, and it just seemed a natural progression to start wanting to record what I saw when I was out and about or on my travels – a visual journal you might say. I had a 20 year break from photography while I concentrated on a Marketing career (and because film and darkroom costs were too expensive for me at the time) but with the advent of digital cameras came a new lease of life. Since late 2008 every spare moment has been spent pursuing the knowledge, skills and field craft to take my imagery to the next level. It’s a work in progress as I’m still a Marketeer 5 days a week!

What’s best about it?
The buzz you get when everything you’ve planned comes together. The perfect light combined with the perfect subject matter, hopefully doing something interesting or unique. I’m constantly being blown away by some of the imagery I see captured by wildlife and nature photographers around the world which motivates me even more in developing my own style.

What’s worst about it?
I guess I would have to say cataloging and post processing, although getting it right in camera means quicker processing!

Favourite species and places?
Africa holds a special place in my heart, and Botswana in particular. It’s a special part of the world with amazing diversity. Although big cats are the obvious draw, documenting several months in the lives of a Spotted Hyena family is on my agenda in the next couple of years. India and the two poles are also on my wish list.

What’s in the bag?
A mixture of Canon lenses and bodies, I won’t bore you!

Your specialities / skills?
Still working on this. I will let you know as soon as I know.

What will you do in your next life?
I’d like to have started a lot earlier as a photographer. I feel I have wasted so much time. So I would have to say that I would do the same but start the whole process a lot sooner.

3 tips for beginners
1) Learn as much about your chosen subject as possible.
2) Appreciate all nature and wildlife as you are only a guest. No photograph is worth disturbing or endangering any species.
3) A better photograph is out there waiting to be taken. Never give up striving to always do better then what you have achieved so far. Patience is definitely a virtue if you specialise in the outdoors.


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