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Apple announces third gen iPAD

Apple today announced the launch of its third generation iPad, creatively called the New iPad! Don’t know why it’s not being called the iPad3 or iPad HD. Maybe Apple don’t own the domains!!

Confirmed new features are a long awaited retina display, iSight Camera, 1080p HD video recording, 4G and A5X chip with Quad core graphics.

I deliberately held off buying the previous two versions in the hope that Apple would eventually release an iPAD with a retina screen, like that in the iPhone 4. The new screen should really enhance the customer experience, not just for improved clarity in general web browsing but also in the presentation of image and video content allowing photographers to really show off their portfolios to clients in all their glory.

Battery life will remain unchanged: 10 hours total, and 9 hour battery life on 4G.

The device weighs 1.4 pounds and is 9.4mm thick but this won’t make it any less mobile.

Launch date in the UK is 16 March (apart from Belgium with a launch date a week later for some reason) and with no change in the pricing structure.

All in all not such a huge upgrade package for owners of the current iPad2, but for first time tablet buyers it’s pretty sweet.

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the New iPad ….